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alt(Special Economic Zone*)

Bhalwal Industrial Estate comprising 441 acres of land is a vision turned into reality. It is envisioned to be an ‘island of facilitation for prospective industrialists.

The objective was to develop an industrial estate where issues of industrialists are handled and problems solved through ‘One Window’ operation.


BIE is located at approximately 19 Km, Bhalwal-Bhera Road, Bhalwal. It is presently under development. (Location map attached)

Proposed Infrastructure

BIE will have infrastructure comparable to any modern industrial estate globally.
After analyzing the needs of entrepreneurs, PIE will ensure availability of the following amenities.

  • Asphalt Road Network
  • Underground Sewerage System
  • Walled industrial estate with limited entry/exit points/secure environment
  • High Pressure Gas Pipelines
  • Potable Water
  • Telecommunications System
  • Estate Managed Electrical Distribution System.
  • Fully Equipped Fire Station / rescues
  • Computerized Weigh Station
  • Information Signages
  • Estate Owned Security Arrangements.
  • Hospital / Emergency Medical Services (Social Security)
  • Mosque
  • Bank
  • Commercial area
  • Petrol Stations
  • Proposed dedicated Power Plant
  • Proposed SEZ
  • Bank loans on easy terms
Environmental Compliance

  • Environmental rules & regulations
  • Health Safety and Environmental awareness
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Combined Effluent Treatment Plant

Proposed Plot Distribution

Small & medium entrepreneurs were focused, hence majority of plots are of sizes between ½ acre to 1 acre. However, there are some bigger plots to accommodate large industry

½ Acre        94 Plots        47       Acres
1 Acre        177 Plots        177     Acres
2 Acres        39 Plots        78       Acres

TOTAL:     310 Plots     302 Acres

Price Structure

Rs. 8 Million per Acre

Corner                             10% extra


  • 30% down payment
  • Remaining payment of land in 2 installments every 6 month
  • 5% discount on full payment
  • Possession after receiving of 100% payment

Area Distribution

Approximately 334.55 acres is under industrial plots and remaining area has been dedicated for services. Overall distribution/utilization is based on international standards and need assessment surveys.

Industrial Area       302 Acres

  • Commercial Area     13.70    Acres
  • CETP                    7.05       Acres
  • TEVTA                 1 .58       Acres
  • Grid Station           3 .89     Acres
  • Parks                    4 .75     Acres

Special Economic Zone*

Under SEZs Act 2012, the developers and entrepreneurs will get one-time exemption from customs duties and taxes for all capital goods imported into Pakistan for the development of SEZs. Ten-year tax holiday, both for SEZ developers and enterprises, is also allowed under the law, starting from the date of signing of the development agreement. This law extends to the whole of Pakistan. Additional special benefits can also be given by competent authority on case to case basis. It is understood that a final decision to make BIE a Special Economic Zone will be made by the competent authority as enunciated in SEZ Act 2012 ( Bhalwal is likely to be the first Special Economic Zone of Punjab/Pakistan.

Master plan for Bhalwal Industrial Estate    (Click here to enlarge the Plan)


*Proposed Under SEZ Act 2012 signed by the President of Pakistan on 10th September, 2012.